Chief of Staff

Attuned builds the capacity of PK-12 organizations to drive educational equity and excellence for underserved students.  Our team of practitioners partners with school systems to prioritize, tailor, and implement a diverse set of proven practices. We blend rigor and empathy, planning and implementation, district and charter expertise, and aspirations of quality and scale.

Position Overview

The Chief of Staff leads internal operations, team building, and continuous improvement efforts to make Attuned’s work more efficient and effective. The position reports to Evan Rudall, Partner. Attuned is a virtual organization with some travel expected.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Lead continuous improvement efforts.
    • Ensure the team implements its internal and external diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism agenda and assesses its progress through an equity scorecard.
    • Oversee internal strategic planning and progress monitoring of high-priority initiatives.
    • Build and implement rigorous and replicable internal org health reporting systems (the collection, analysis, and reporting of internal scorecard and client feedback data).
    • Create and maintain internal knowledge management and collaboration structures.
    • Build and implement team development and evaluation processes.
  2. Support team-building.
    • Refine and oversee equitable and inclusive recruitment and hiring processes.
    • Oversee onboarding of new team members.
    • Plan and facilitate internal tactical, strategic, and quarterly/annual step-back team meetings, including professional development opportunities.
    • Facilitate team connection, celebrations, and other routines to enhance team culture, cohesion, satisfaction, and retention.
  3. Lead internal operations.
    • Develop and implement systems to promote shared organizational knowledge, access to timely updates, and effective collaboration.
    • Scope and write a proposal for each prospective client engagement.
    • Develop and implement systems (e.g., resource management software) to determine team member capacity needed to execute each prospective client engagement, track team member assignments, and monitor capacity on an ongoing basis.
    • Manage a supporting role to strengthen and maintain:
      • Systems for travel and logistics
      • Bookkeeping tasks, such as coding expenses and preparing expense reimbursements
      • Electronic filing systems
      • A database of org partners and contacts
      • Attuned’s website
      • HR and benefits systems
      • Other operational systems
  4. Support key strategic initiatives.
    • Define and research new opportunities for impact.
    • Identify and assume responsibility for new ad hoc strategic projects, potentially including new lines of work.
    • Facilitate decision-making on key decisions by gathering data, analyzing and synthesizing information, and presenting options.
  5. Support the growth and development of Attuned.
    • Manage direct reports and contractors to deliver excellent work.
    • Share evolving trends and best practices with the team.
    • Leverage networks.
    • Serve as a thought partner to colleagues, help solve a variety of day-to-day issues, and generate creative solutions for internal and external improvements.


  • Passionate commitment to the mission of dramatically improving PK-12 education for underserved children.
  • Track record of leading with a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.
  • Track record realizing exceptional outcomes.
  • Ability to coach, support and influence adults towards improvement.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team and collaborate with others in a virtual environment.
  • Ability to design and maintain strong systems.
  • Outstanding project management skills – ability to see the big picture and to manage details.
  • Ability to be self-directed, take initiative, and display tenacious follow-through.
  • Exceptional problem-solving, critical thinking, and planning skills.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to learn quickly and thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic, entrepreneurial start-up environment.
  • Positive demeanor.


We offer competitive compensation, health care coverage, and access to 401(k) plans with a matching contribution policy.

To Apply

If you are passionate about improving educational opportunities for underserved children, please send your resume and a brief (no more than 500 words) written description of your most significant impact on students to

Attuned is committed to building a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable organization. The broad range of experiences, ideas, and practices that our team members bring allows us to serve with excellence the diverse organizations with whom we partner. Attuned is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, color, disability, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, or veteran status