Allie Wisialowski

Strategy Analyst

Allie Wisialowski is a Strategy Analyst at Attuned Education Partners and an Education Pioneers Impact Fellow. Prior to joining Attuned, Allie was a consultant at Mercer, a talent and human capital-focused consulting firm. In this role, Allie worked with organizations to radically improve their talent systems through designing equitable compensation programs, assessing talent markets, and developing meaningful career pathways. She is most proud of her work with public sector organizations, including several municipal governments and public safety departments, as well as a Boston-based non-profit focused on preparing students for college. Outside of Mercer, Allie has volunteered extensively with youth programs focused on supporting and educating students in Atlanta, Boston, and Nashville. Allie holds a B.Sc. in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College.