Who We Are

We are a team of nationally respected practitioners with a proven record of guiding schools and school systems to excellence. We’re here to listen, learn, and help.

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Attuned Brittany 7-22-22 7945Rcolor

Director of Instruction

Attuned Melika day3B 8582Rcolor

Director of Instruction

Attuned Walter 8188Rcolor

Senior Director of Adult Learning

Attuned Demedia day3A 8437Rcolortif

Deputy Chief of Academics


Chief of Strategy

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 4.11.41 PM

Head of Software

Attuned Gregg G 7-22-22 7918Rcolor

Chief Schools Officer


Chief Schools Officer


Chief Schools Officer

Attuned Dina Day3 8391Rcolor

Chief Strategy Officer

Attuned Hadley 8181Rcolor

Strategy Director

Attuned Marie 8481Rcolor

Chief Strategy Officer

Attuned Bill day3A 8475Rcolorsmaller

Progress Monitoring Manager


Chief of Staff


Chief Schools Officer

Attuned Jessica L 7-22-22 7897Rcolor

Deputy Chief of Adult Learning

Attuned Camilla 8523Rcolor

Chief Schools Officer

Attuned Ana 8185Rcolor

Chief Learning and Knowledge Officer

Attuned Tommy day3A 8469Rcolor

Director of Student Culture & Wellness

Attuned Neo day3B 8596Rcolor

Strategy Manager

Attuned Ashia 8212.Rcolor

Director of Adult Learning


Manager of Talent and Operations

Attuned Javeria day3B 8556Rcolor

Chief of Progress Monitoring

Attuned Carlin 7932Rcolor

Manager of Academics

Attuned Mira 8539Rcolor

Manager of Learning & Knowledge

Attuned Priya Day3 8407Rcolor

Strategy Manager

Attuned Rachel 1-23 3249Rcolor (1)

Chief Strategy Officer


Chief Academic Officer

Attuned Anjya Day3 8346Rcolor

Deputy Chief of Academics

Attuned Nisha day3A 8462Rcolor

Director of Instruction

Attuned Kait Day3 8336Rcolor

Director of Administration

Attuned Sara W 7-22-22 7904Rcolor

Director of Academics

Attuned Allie 8163Rcolor

Strategy Manager

"There always are folks who offer packaged solutions, but the best support providers are people who have lived and practiced the work and actually know there are no easy packaged solutions. The Attuned team offers deep expertise and thought partnership that is individualized and contextualized.”
Aleesia Johnson
Superintendent, Indianapolis Public Schools