What We Do

We support PK-12 district and charter school systems, education champions, and non-profits with planning and implementation. Our partner organizations leave engagements with pragmatic tools and products, such as strategic plans and instructional systems, and with more knowledge, skill, and confidence to sustain the work.

Planning Services

Our planning begins with rich diagnostics that include artifact analysis, classroom observations, surveys, interviews, and a thorough review of quantitative data. Once we have a clear picture of the current state and future aspirations, we engage organizational leaders, their teams, and their communities to develop:

First we affirm the vision, mission, theory of action, goals, and values of our partners. Then, we co-create a focused set of multi-year priorities and annual initiatives along with a detailed implementation plan. We help clarify growth plans, financial and staffing models, and decision-making rights. Finally, we provide tools and meeting structures to manage the implementation of the plan, including tools to support communication and change management.

Increasingly, districts are asked not only to supervise district-run schools, but also to oversee a system of charter and other highly autonomous schools. We partner with district leaders to develop a coherent plan to launch or strengthen their System of Great Schools.

We occasionally work with organizations to develop tools and plans for specific initiatives. For example, we have developed a business plan for a school system leader training program, a strategy to strengthen a state’s principal pipeline, the design of a superintendent training program, and a school system executive staffing model.

“Working with Attuned was a double win. First, the strategy we did together is great. We are in year 3 now and the plan remains in place and so strong. Second, I now understand my strengths better."
Kriste Dragon
CEO, Citizens of the World Charter Schools

Implementation Services

Unlike many support organizations, we don’t disappear after a plan is developed—we stay engaged as implementation partners, drawing on the deep instructional, operational, and management expertise of our team. We provide support for:

We partner with academic leaders to help them create, adopt, tailor, and implement high-quality curriculum, assessments, instructional practices, professional learning, principal support, and other instructional systems.

We help district leaders develop and implement the capacities, policies, and practices needed to oversee a system of highly autonomous and accountable schools. Examples include school performance frameworks, tiered support systems, authorizing practices, and unified enrollment systems.

Because ‘no plan survives first contact,’ we often extend our engagements to evaluate progress, refine plans, problem-solve, and facilitate coordination and accountability.

We are empathetic thought partners who push existing leaders to be their best. Our executive and leadership team coaching services and 360° evaluations typically follow or are part of broader engagements.

“Attuned was deeply embedded with our team. They knew everybody and everything that was going on. They understood our context and pushed our team’s thinking every step of the way.”
Aiyana Mourtos
Chief of Staff, D.C. Public Schools

Through it all, we are your teammates and partners. Each of our engagements is designed to develop new knowledge, skills, and habits. We invite you to learn more about which of our services might be right for you, or to start a conversation with our team.