How We Work

We value outcomes for students over adherence to specific models. We choose ‘and’ instead of ‘or’ — our work gains strength and impact from the expert integration of diverse ideas, perspectives, and practices.

How we do our work is as important as what we do and makes our work impactful and enduring.

We are mission-driven.

We have devoted our professional lives to strengthening education for students in high-poverty schools. We care deeply about driving greater student achievement and aligning our goals to the outcomes of our partner schools and school systems.

We build capacity.

Each of our engagements is structured to equip our partner organizations with concrete tools and practices and the capacity needed to implement them with quality and impact.

We embrace the ‘and.’

We value results over specific models, pragmatism over idealism. We integrate ideas, perspectives, and practices from a diverse yet complimentary mix of proven models and methods — we embrace the best of district and charter schools, traditional and progressive pedagogy, rigorous academics and social-emotional support.

We tailor proven, practical, and elegant solutions.

We research and synthesize effective practices, and we help our partner organizations tailor and integrate the solutions that make sense for their contexts. To accomplish this, we draw on our first-hand experience as former teachers, principals, and system leaders from some of the nation’s most effective districts and charter school organizations.

We balance rigor and empathy.

We embed ourselves in client organizations, practicing a working style that blends rigor with deep human empathy. We push ourselves and our clients while also striving to create a safe, supportive atmosphere.

“Support from Attuned is the best development I have received in my role. Their ability to cut through the mess and identify highest leverage actions is incredible. They don’t just help create plans--they stick with you to implement--and I am SO grateful for their support.”
Emily Pelino Burton
Superintendent and School Leader, KIPP Indy