Sam Falk

Head of Software

Sam Falk is the Head of Software at Attuned Education Partners.  Sam is fanatically committed to diversity, fun, and high standards in the workplace, believing that people will do their best work when they are comfortable, focused, well-supported, and free to be their best selves.  Sam has more than 30 years’ experience in software leading small and large teams in engineering, product management, customer support, and customer success. 

Sam started his 25-year career at Pegasystems as a software engineer (and the youngest person in the company) and grew with the company to eventually serve as Vice President of Global Customer Support and Vice President of Product Management for one of the critical product teams.

More recently, Sam reoriented his career towards smaller, mission focused companies in the education space. From 2019 through 2021, Sam served as Chief Customer and Product Officer for BoardOnTrack, a boutique software firm catering to charter schools. In that role, he managed customer success and customer support and also drove product improvements, synthesizing the knowledge of the entire BoardOnTrack team into enhancements that delivered what BoardOnTrack’s members needed.  When BoardOnTrack was acquired by TransACT in December of 2021, Sam switched his role to Chief Product and Systems Officer, overseeing much of the integration of the two companies’ systems while continuing to drive product management.

Sam has an undergraduate degree in Math / Computer Science from Haverford College and a business degree from MIT Sloan.